Springwell Lincoln City Academy

Governing Body

At Springwell Lincolnshire we have an Interim Executive Board (IEB) in place of a Governing Body.

This is made up of the following people who are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, and will provide challenge and support to our leadership team to drive up standards at Springwell Lincolnshire.

Robin Gildersleeve (Chair)
Responsible for Safeguarding and Effective Leadership and Management

Mary Meredith (Vice Chair)
Responsible for Quality of Teaching and Learning and Assessment

Clare Gilman-Abel
Responsible for Resources

Clare Buffham
Responsible for Conversion

Other individuals who regularly attend IEB meetings as observers or representatives are:

Dave Whitaker, Executive Principal of Springwell Barnsley and representative of Wellspring Academies Trust
Josh Greaves, Business and Operations Director, Wellspring Academies Trust
Gill Kelly, Executive Principal of Lincolnshire Teaching and Learning Centre
Vicky Hall, Associate Principal of Lincolnshire Teaching and Learning Centre

The Clerk to the IEB is Hilary Wells

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